WonderGel Latex Pillows – Cool & Cold

The Сompany WonderGel, LLC is not so long ago on the market, but it has already established itself quite well. The main direction of the WonderGel Company is the production and supply seat cushions are made of a new revolutionary material Column-Buckling Gel. They are the exclusive supplier of seat pillows made of this material on the US market.

WonderGel has developed 4 models of the Column-Buckling Gel seat cushions, each of them has its own unique characteristics and is intended for a different range of use. Material Column-Buckling Gel™ is so new and interesting that it deserves to be studied in separate article. More information about this material, its properties and its scope of application can be found in the article Column-Buckling Gel.

But the company has decided not to stop there and to expand its product range adding to its 2 pillows made of latex. Numerous reviews of WonderGel latex pillows allow to claim that they are made with high quality and quite knowingly entered to the market, despite the fact that the main emphasis of their business, is the manufacture and sale of Column-Buckling Gel pillows.

WonderGel latex pillows are made from high quality natural latex, in addition the company has used its past experience and added gel to the both sides of pillows. The use of the gel has allowed to ensure coolness throughout sleep.

More information about Latex pillows by WonderGel® you can get by clicking on the links:

WonderGel, LLC also released two excellent memory foam pillows. Since our website is focused only on the pillows made of Latex, we will not dwell on them, but maybe we will consider them in the future. If you do not know what is the difference between latex and memory foam, we recommend to reading this article.

If you have already encountered with the products of this Company and would like to share your experience, do not hesitate to do so. Perhaps your experience will be useful for someone and will allow to make the right decision.