Latex vs Memory Foam – What to Choose?

Products made of latex and memory foam are very relevant in our time. Due to the fact that a lot of people are already beginning care about the quality of their sleep, products made of latex and memory foam are gaining popularity among customers.

The main criteria when choosing a pillow or mattress are:

  • ecological material;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • and of course comfort during your sleep.

Many people think that feather pillow on which our parents were asleep being able to satisfy all those needs. But in most cases this is a mistake, because:

  • they aren’t ecologically friendly
  • there is a high probability of occurrence fungi in these pillows
  • they having a short term of use
  • they are also unable to provide us a comfortable rest.

But, what kind of filler in this case we should choose?

Latex vs memory foam image

One of the best alternatives becomes latex and memory foam. What it give us? Everything which doesn’t have any feather pillow: hypoallergenic, Eco-friendliness, and of course the comfortable rest.

And when we choose a pillow or mattress this is precisely what we’re expecting to gain from it.

Often the question arises as to what filler we should choose, latex or memory foam.
Therefore, we have made the small comparison table of Latex vs. Memory foam to show you what the difference between them is.

Latex vs Memory Foam

Latex Memory foam
Base material a milky sap of rubber trees viscoelastic temperature-sensitive polyurethane
Price Range From $ 20 From $ 20
Warranty 5-30 years, depending on the manufacturer 5-10 years, depending on the manufacturer
Features Natural material Takes the form of the body during sleep and restores its original shape after sleep
Disadvantages the high price compared to other materials
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Latex Pillow & Mattresses Benefits
Memory Foam Pillow

The main difference between them is that the latex foam is a natural material.
Also, latex has longer term of use than memory foam.

Many owners of the pillow or mattress made of latex or memory foam can talk that they bought poor quality, uncomfortable, too soft or too hard products. This is due to the fact that they weren’t careful when buying a pillow or mattress made of latex or memory foam. In the first place before buying you should consider the density of the material (soft, hard, etc.), pillow dimensions and much more.

We wish you make the right choice.