Maternity Pillow

Pregnancy – is one of the important periods in your life! It brings joy, positive emotions, while at the same time, a significant lack of sleep.

During this period, your body has changed and good sleep is very important for your perfect health, because of your well-being depends on being a baby. Therefore, a comfortable position for your body helps to give a special maternity pillow.

There are different types of maternity pillow, which differ by many criteria: color, form, filler. Choose the right pillow will help you a few tips:

  • Cushion in the form of «I» – a cushion in full-length expectant mother (from 3.2 feet). Since the body for nine months, is constantly changing, this maternity pillow is specially designed to adapt to the new shape of your body to remove stress and tension, and provide a comfortable position during sleep.
  • С-shaped pillow – this maternity pillow is designed to sleep on your side and support the growing belly. It also can underlay under your back while sitting or reclining. Afterwards this cushion is very useful for feeding.
  • U-shaped maternity pillow – can be of different sizes. Such a maternity pillow(if the entire length of your body) is for those who are sleeping restless sleep, it provides support for both sides.

Maternity Pillow

What is the disadvantage of conventional pillows? Your stomach is constantly increasing, especially in the second and third trimester, and sleep on your back is not only inconvenient but also hard. Begin torturing pain, back, pelvis. At the back sleep pregnancy is not recommended, as the uterus presses on the inferior vena cava, in which the venous blood rises from the lower extremities to the heart. Reduced pressure, not enough air, dark eyes, dizzy, and the baby is less blood supply and nutrients. It can also cause a problem with the intestines and kidneys.

Many people use a blanket, pinned him to the roll by placing it under the belly and pinching between his legs. But the disadvantage of this option is that the blanket is too firm and does not take the shape of your body.

When you selecting maternity pillows you should pay attention to the material of which it is made. In the best possible is 100% cotton. It does not cause allergies, retains heat and quite pleasant to the touch. Filling choose depending on what purpose you will use this pillow. Fillers come in two forms: holofaybera beads or beads of polystyrene (from 1 to 3 mm). Both the filler does not cause allergies. What’s the difference? Balls holofaybera very soft and are more suitable pillow for sleeping. Polystyrene beads is more convenient to use for feeding your baby.

It does not matter for what purpose you use a maternity pillow, a filler will choose a quality maternity pillow, which will provide a sweet dream, and comfort.

Modern doctors advise us at an early age to think about healthy sleep, in a few years does not interfere with osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine.
Recent studies have shown that most diseases of the head and neck arise from bad posture during sleep.