How to Choose a Pillow

Sometimes it is very difficult to determine the choice of pillows, despite the fact that there are some general guidelines for choosing pillows.

When you select a pillow you should remember that even the best quality and expensive pillow may not be suitable for you.

All this for the reason that everyone has their preferences on which to sleep. Some people like hard pillows, others by contrast – soft.
Someone loves big (king size), and someone on the soul of an ordinary(standard) size pillows. Much also depends on the preferred material by cushions.
Therefore, don’t buy the same pillow for the whole family!

Pillows should be replaced every two years. In case you have feather pillows, they should be changed every six months, or at least periodically make to the street for 2-3 days to dry the feathers.
As you can see when you start choosing a pillow is a tremendous amount of nuance and if you do not correct it will pick up the pillow, in consequence, you tell me what a disgusting pillow, though in reality it just doesn’t suit you.

Correct the choice will ensure to you a comfortable and healthy sleep for a long time.

You don’t have a lot to ease the task of finding and selecting of the cushions that is right for you, here I want to present a small set of rules and basic items that should be followed when buying a new pillow.

1. The first thing you should pay attention, it is the quality of the sewing pillows.
Most often we pay attention to fabric and filler, but completely forget about that poor-quality welds can subsequently be the cause of that cushion just break, and so:

  • Check the seams, pull them if sewing quality, then nothing should happen;
  • Puncture holes by needle shouldn’t be big, otherwise the pillow didn’t last for long.

2. Filling pillows. Pillow should be moderately soft and supple, but it depends primarily on the filler material.
It should provide a natural position the spine, circulation shouldn’t be difficult, back and neck muscles should be relaxed. Therefore, one of the most important selection criteria is the choice of filler .
A little later, we describe in detail the advantages and disadvantages of modern fillers.

Experts advise to buy orthopedic pillows, which are the means of prevention of degenerative disc disease. These pillows have a special form, which facilitates treatment of diseases of the cervical spine.

3. Size pillows. Almost all modern pillows are available in standard sizes:
– width: 12 “- 20”
– length: 16 “- 35”
Of course there are non-standard size pillows. The main thing is that the width of pillows was not more than the width of the mattress. Height of the pillow have to be the width of the shoulder.
Remember that with time, depending on the filler, height pillows may be reduced.

4. Stiffness and strength of the pillow. Of posture during sleep also depends on the rigidity of the pillow. It may be firm, standard or soft.
Soft pillow suitable for those people who are sleeping on your stomach, it won’t overextend the muscles during sleep.
Standard pillow for those who love sleep on their back.
If you sleep on your side, you will need a firm pillow.

5. Pillow supports your head and cervical spine, resulting in the whole spine is resting.
Remember, in what position do you mostly asleep or ask someone watch you while you sleep.
If you sleep on your back or stomach, you will approach low pillow.
If you sleep on your side, you need a high pillow.
If you have broad shoulders, then you need a high pillow, because the curvature of the spine in this case above.
Just pay attention to the rigidity of the mattress. By the soft mattress is best suited high pillow.
If the mattress is hard, you can buy a low pillow.

6. Forms. Pillows can be rectangular, square, triangular, round or roll.

But, the main goal pillow – to avoid the surge in the upper back and neck, maintain the correct position of the head and cervical spine during sleep.
Therefore, choose to sleep oblong or square cushions, they much better supports your head during your sleep.

So, to sum up. A quality pillow should:
– Keep warm acquired;
– Allow the air;
– Does not absorb odors;
– Do not be a house for parasites and mites;
– It should not wind up mold;
– Must be hypoallergenic;
– Ability to machine or hand wash;
– Keeps shape for a minimum of 2-3 years.

The choice is yours. But we advise you not to save on your pillow, because a third of your life you spend in sleep.

Good luck to you in choosing quality pillows and healthy sleep.