Choosing Pillows For Neck Pain Relief

In the case of pillows, you have the choice between two categories: classic and ergonomic. The former are soft and easy to twist, but support is not always enough. Do you have back pain or neck pain? Lets talk about the second option.

In this part you will find more about an ergonomic or neck pillows. If their form varies, they all have the same vocation: to support, to compensate for a vacuum and to ease the tensions.

Exit the traditional pillow, put everything on the ergonomic

Finding the right pillow is not always simple task. In the family of ergonomics, first that we have is the classical form (square or rectangular). These models are designed as a mold on which you strap your neck so that it is in the extension of your spine.

There are also more worked versions, with different heights: the cervical pillow. It has a wave shape that allows your pillow to adapt to your way of sleeping. Thanks to this set of heights, you can move from one position to another. On the back, you will rather choose a lower zone while on the side, it is better to favor a higher pillow.

In the same vein, there is also the model with lateral reinforcements. The main goal is to limit as much as possible the movements of your head during the night. Special support is very effective to offer relaxation and maintenance to your neck: one of the key points to sleep well. Are you confused between all these alternatives? There is no wrong option. It all depends on your desires for comfort.
Pillows For Neck Pain Relief

Latex, moss, buckwheat, spelled or synthetic: choose your filler

You have the choice between a memory foam or latex pillow. In the first case, memory foam (viscoelastic) is used. This one acts like a casting shape on which you strap your neck for a personalized support of the vertebrae. For its part, latex has the advantage of being comfortable, wrapping, soft and durable. It is the ideal model for people who tend to perspire.

It has to adapt to your body (neck, head and shoulder) to be effective an ergonomic pillow. In general, recommended height is 4-4.5 inches (from the hollow section).

The green option: you can also choose a buckwheat or millet which suited for good retention. The first has the advantage of being firm and malleable, perfectsuited for good retention. The second has a lighter lining, but an identical support.

The cheaper option: an ergonomic pillow is not available to all wallets. To equip yourself with less cost, choose a synthetic fiber trim. It is less efficient, but affordable and more suitable than a conventional pillow.

Test before buying

After theory you need practice: do not miss the test in the store, even if you will buy online (more interesting price level). In the same way as to try a bed, sit as if you were sleeping. You will be able to check whether the height, cover and shape are right for you.

Are you now well equipped? If you still have sleep worries, find out how to sleep better with our simple and tested tips