Memory Foam Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow – This is a kind of so-called “smart” orthopedic pillow shape memory “Memory form”.

When you put your head on the memory foam pillow, under the influence of body heat and weight of the pillow is pressed and takes shape, the contours of your head and neck. It creates the same pressure at all points of contact of the head with a pillow, vessels, or pinch, full blood supply to the brain.

The spine is in an optimal relaxed position. When you pick up the head with an orthopedic pillow, foam is slowly returning to its original position. Foam hypoallergenic, it does not get turned microbes parasites.

memory foam pillowOn the world market with pillows viscoelastic temperature-sensitive polyurethane foam appeared in the nineties. The material was developed by NASA for U.S. astronauts in 1970. Then it was revealed that the material has a particular property, it responds to temperature and weight and creates optimal conditions for sleep and rest. Now, orthopedic memory foam pillow became available to us.

memory foam pillowIn its structure, viscoelastic polyurethane foam “memory” is a polyurethane foam with a porous structure of the cells. Thanks to this cushion is constantly circulating air and kept constant and the neutral temperature. Memory foam pillow accurately reproduces the shape of the body, even in cool conditions. Material itself is soft enough, but gives the body rigid support, with memory cells stabilize and support the musculoskeletal system, allowing the load over the entire surface of the body is distributed evenly. Blood flow unimpeded, attenuated the effect of trauma pain, headache, radiculitis and other diseases of the spine.

Temperature-sensitive viscoelastic polyurethane can reduce the local heat transfer. Weight load on the head, shoulders and neck is reduced, the body is completely relaxed, back rest, you breathe deeply, quiet your breath – these are the main advantages of memory foam pillows.

Complete muscle relaxation and good blood supply to the brain help maintain a good complexion, bruises and swelling under the eyes are reduced. Laboratory studies have shown that memory foam pillow has the ability to absorb vibrations and amortization to 90% impact energy.

Before buying necessarily lie down on a pillow for several minutes. The service life of these orthopedic pillow for at least ten years.