Latex Pillow & Mattresses Benefits

Before choosing perfect pillow for excellent sleep, many customers would like to know latex pillow and mattress benefits.

It is not everyone know all positive sides of such awesome material as latex. So that’s why we are try to make this list of latex benefits.

1. The unique structure of bedding made of latex allows the human body to obtain maximum comfort while you sleep.

2. Pillows and mattresses have expressed an orthopedic effect due to the uniform distribution of body weight, there is no load on the spine and the normal circulation of blood.

3. On a mattress made of latex, you will not feel movement on the bed of your relatives,because the latex does not creak, and not break.

4. In products made of latex is not going to dust, can not live bacteria, house dust mite (saprophytes). All this prevents respiratory and allergic diseases.
Sealy EmbodyTM Optimal Latex Pillow

5. Breathable structure allows to keep warm during the cold season and warm in the heat.

6. During your sleep, thanks to the porous structure on latex mattresses do not form pits and depressions.

7. Products made of natural latex burdensome to maintain, if necessary, easily erased.

8. The service life of products made of natural latex for over 30 years, and the official manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years.