Quality Latex Pillow – Excellent for a Good Sleep

For today latex pillow is one of the most eco-friendly pillows. As the basis for its manufacturing is natural latex. For those people who have already tested on itself latex pillows, other cushions simply no longer exist.

First of all we would like to explain what a latex actually is and how it is produced.

In a few words we can say that this is milky sap of rubber trees. Mainly, the manufacturers use Brazilian Hevea to produce it, which grows in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Bolivia. But the world leaders in the growing and production are considered to be the country: Thailand, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nigeria, Liberia and Congo. Milky sap which is just obtained from the tree, comprising: 1/3 basis for latex, 2/3 of the water and approximately one percent of the amount of salt and other substances.

Latex PillowSince the freshly prepared rubber tree sap very quickly solidifies, it needs to be quickly delivered to the production to separate the moisture and other impurities. Then from the material thus obtained is produced rubber, or it is converted into the latex foam. Latex foam is the basis for the manufacture the latex pillows and mattresses.

It should be noted that the latex pillows and mattresses are also produced from the blended latex (a mixture of synthetic and natural). It is often used in order to reduce production costs. In addition, the blended material is more elastic and more resistant to tearing than natural one.

According to standards a product containing more than 85 percent of natural rubber is considered to be product “made from 100% latex”.

The main advantages and disadvantages of latex pillows.

  • Latex pillow allows ensuring the correct position of the head and neck during sleep, due to its elasticity and in combination with the correct shape.
  • Hygiene and natural latex pillow. Products made from natural latex do not retain moisture. The pillow is “breathes” and the moisture quickly evaporates due to its porous structure. The latex pillows are not electrified and do not attract dust. All this prevents the development of rots and microbes. The dust mites can not live in the latex products.
  • Natural latex pillow – a safe hypoallergenic product. This is especially important for people who are sensitive to allergies.
  • Latex cushions are not heated during sleep as opposed to feather pillows.
  • This material is very durable. The manufacturer’s warranty is often up to 10 years. With proper use latex pillows or mattress can serve 30 years or more.
  • The first time, the new latex pillows or mattresses have a kind of a sweet smell. This smell disappears very quickly, just put on fresh air your pillow, and after a while all the smell should disappear.
    But remember that the latex is very sensitive to sunlight and to frost!
  • Perhaps the biggest weakness of products from natural latex pillow is its price. Though a good down pillow will cost about the same, and sometimes more.

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